Manufacture of Adult Mascot Costumes

Mascot costume

We manufacture custom mascot costumes. Our costumes have a very good visibility and a ventilation. They are very light and well made

  • Mascot costume is more and more a popular form public relations, so don't lag behind the competitor - if he doesn't have a company mascot have her first.
  • Direct contact with the customer
  • Attraction on occasional parties which is riveting the attention of not only children, but also adults
  • Face of a sports club, for which he cannot to be missing on match
  • Patron of the children garden, the school, or other educational institution
  • The professional, big advertising dress will introduce the realism at a performance
  • Irreplaceable at promotion campaigns, events, whether as the corporate advertising
  • Comrad of children in playrooms and funfairs
  • Attraction for children in leisure centres and hotels
  • Not every day we are meeting big plush mascot on the street
  • Other advertisement than all

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